Resources – Development Coach Course

Coaching Philosophy – Coach Journal
Sport Psychology – Coach Journal
The 11+ Warm up – Poster
The 11+ Warm up – Cards
UA Strength & Conditioning – Level 1 Program (Bodyweight, home gym)
Introduction to Physical Training – Coach Journal
Managing your team
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Venue Risk Assessment Template
UA Pathway Skills
Park to the Podium – UA Athlete Pathway
Healthy Eating Poster
A Guide to Healthy Meals for Active People
7 Day Sportrition Food Diary
Nutrition for Ultimate – tips from Sportrition
Ultimate – Sports Performance Dietitian Contact List
Practice Coaching Evaluation Checklist
Post-Practice Coach Reflection
Session Plan Template
Pre-competition routine template
Competition Checkpoints Template
Competition Coaching Evaluation Checklist
Post-Competition Coaching Checklist
Skill Acquisition Slides
Ultimate Team Structures Slides
Physical Training – General Tips
Two Hand Rim Catch PDF
One Hand Rim Catch PDF
Hammer PDF
Downfield Cutting PDF
Backfield Cutting PDF
Marking PDF
Guarding PDF

External Resources

Rise Up Ultimate
Sport Australia Physical Literacy Framework 
Sport Australia FTEM 
Sports Dietitians Australia

Condor Performance
Coach Wooden: Pyramid of Success
Pyramid of Teaching Success in Sport
Elevate Ultimate – Season Plan Spreadsheet

Recommended Textbooks

Ultimate Techniques and Tactics  (2004) by James Parinella and Eric Zaslow
Successful Coaching  4th edition (2012) by Rainer Martens

Recommended Integrity Education

The following courses are recommended for UA Level 2 – Development Coaches to commence working through:
– Level 1 Anti-doping Online Course
– Annual Update Online Course (current year)
– Introduction to Match-Fixing Online Course
– Illicit Drugs in Sport Online Course
– Ethical Decision Making Online Course
– Coaches Online Course
The above courses can be accessed free of charge at Sport Integrity Australia E-Learning

Recommended Safety Education

Play by the Rules – COVID-19 Awareness Mini Course