Resources – Community Coach Course

Simple Rules

Ultimate terminology

Introducing Ultimate

Application of the rules of Ultimate

Spirit of the Game

Intro to Ultimate Slides

Useful Resources

UV Five Firsts

WFDF Rules of Ultimate

Skill acquisition slides

Skill acquisition

Throwing and Catching a Disc – Slides

Throwing and Catching a Disc – PDF

Games with a Disc – Slides

Interceptor (PDF)

Keep the Disc (PDF)

Throlf (PDF)

Basic Offense Concepts – Slides

Basic Offense Concepts (PDF)

Basic Defence Concepts – Slides

Basic Defence Concepts (PDF)

Additional Resources

Flik Ultimate – Ultimate skills, drills, activities and session plans. Sign up for the free Australian version by following the steps here
AFDA Coach Resources – For more short videos of small-side games
Elevate Ultimate20 Throwing Workout Challenges
Rise Up Ultimate – Skills and Drills videos
Ultimate United – Ultimate resource library compiled from around the web
USA Ultimate – Introductory Skills and Drills, Educators Guide to Teaching Ultimate, Skill Cue Cards
Disc In – Free app designed for Ultimate coaches

Recommended Textbooks

 Essential Ultimate (2008) by Michael Baccarini and Tiina Booth.

Recommended Integrity Education

The following courses are recommended for UA Level 1 – Community Coaches to commence working through:
– Clean Sport 101 Online Course
– Introduction to Match-Fixing Online Course
– Illicit Drugs in Sport Online Course
– Ethical Decision Making Online Course
– Coaches Online Course
The above courses can be accessed free of charge at Sport Integrity Australia E-Learning

Recommended Safety Education

Play by the Rules – COVID-19 Awareness Mini Course