Resources – Community Coach Course

Simple Rules
Ultimate terminology
Introducing Ultimate
Application of the rules of Ultimate
Spirit of the Game
Intro to Ultimate – Slides
Useful Resources
UV Five Firsts
WFDF Rules of Ultimate
Skill acquisition – Slides
Skill acquisition – PDF
Throwing and Catching a Disc – Slides
Throwing and Catching a Disc – PDF
Games with a Disc – Slides
Keep the Disc
Basic Offense Concepts – Slides
Basic Offense Concepts – PDF
Basic Defence Concepts – Slides
Basic Defence Concepts – PDF

Additional Resources

Flik Ultimate – Ultimate skills, drills, activities and session plans. Sign up for the free Australian version by following the steps here
Modified Games Playlist – For more short videos of small-side games
Elevate Ultimate20 Throwing Workout Challenges
Rise Up Ultimate – Skills and Drills videos
Ultimate United – Ultimate resource library compiled from around the web
USA Ultimate – Introductory Skills and Drills, Educators Guide to Teaching Ultimate, Skill Cue Cards
Disc In – Free app designed for Ultimate coaches

Recommended Textbooks

 Essential Ultimate (2008) by Michael Baccarini and Tiina Booth.

Recommended Integrity Education

The following courses are recommended for UA Level 1 – Community Coaches to commence working through:
– Clean Sport 101 Online Course
– Introduction to Match-Fixing Online Course
– Illicit Drugs in Sport Online Course
– Ethical Decision Making Online Course
– Coaches Online Course
The above courses can be accessed free of charge at Sport Integrity Australia E-Learning

Recommended Safety Education

Play by the Rules – COVID-19 Awareness Mini Course